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Project Name
"Improving the business of Argenta d.o.o. by implementing a specialized ICT solution"
project code KK.03.2.1. 19.0705

Short description of the project
With the realization of this project, the company will improve its business: optimize business processes, integrate business functions, organize the workflow more efficiently, improve interaction with clients and suppliers, as well as the market position of the company.

The project included the following activities:

  1. Procurement and implementation of ICT solutions;
  2. Project management;
  3. Promotion and visibility.

Objectives and expected results of the project
The purpose of the project is to implement a specialized software solution that will enable business improvement that will have an impact on increasing customer satisfaction in such a way that it will enable printing of exactly the amount of product that the customer needs and direct delivery without the need for storage.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Improving nine business processes within a company
  2. Increase in sales revenues by more than 25%
  3. Opening at least one new job

The total value of the project and the amount co-financed by the EU (in

  1. The total value of the project is HRK 662,992.50
  2. The total value of the project (eligible costs) is HRK 530,394.00
  3. The EU's share of project financing is HRK 291,186.30


Project implementation period
01.01.2020. – 01. 01.2021.

Contact for more information
e-mail: info@argenta.hr